Civil Rights and Criminal Litigation

The attorneys at Lumer & Neville are experienced and skilled advocates dedicated to the representation of those who need it most. Whether you have been the victim of police misconduct by members of law enforcement, are facing criminal charges, or need seasoned, aggressive litigators on your side to defend your rights or secure the compensation to which you are entitled, Lumer & Neville is the firm you ought to turn to first.

Michael Lumer and James Neville have been practicing law collectively for nearly fifty years, primarily representing individuals and businesses in complex civil and criminal litigation. They have recovered millions of dollars for their clients and achieved significant successes in a variety of criminal and civil matters in federal and state courts. They are equally adept at both the trial and appellate levels and can provide the vigorous representation and sophisticated counseling you need and deserve.

If you believe that your civil rights have been violated, if you have been or expect to be criminally charged, if you have suffered serious physical injuries for which you are entitled to compensation, or if you simply need the assistance of talented and aggressive attorneys with years of courtroom experience, contact Lumer & Neville today for a free consultation.

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